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Every story we tell could be turned into a song. Some of our stories are incredibly funny. We make others laugh and forget all their problems. When we share those humorous tales we cheer each other up. The time flies when we're having fun! But we also have some very tragic stories to share. That's when we just need a friend to walk us through the painful memories or experiences. We don't need it to be fixed. In fact, the situation can't be changed. We just have to go through it. We just need the support and compassion of our family and friends. We also need to thank those who helped us cope, who helped us grow or who taught us something that changed our lives for the better. Quality relationships can be built a day at a time, a moment at a time as long as we really listen to others and discover each person's unique message of the heart.



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Jane Fuller is working on a rock band project called, "The Real Jane," featuring solid rock n roll: old school, classic rock and 80's mixed with the newest sounds of the studio. It's definitely rock and sometimes Adult Album Alternative. What's that? Simply put, just great songs! Upbeat music with drive.

She has a project called "Apex of the Soul" featuring the best chill effects ever! These are the sounds of space, of dreams and spirits of the ethereal world. You feel like you're at an abstract art exhibit in outer space. There are no further arguments. It is what it is: pure creativity!

Jane's book, Untied Shoelaces...How I Became a Teacher is part handbook for new teachers, part treatise for veteran teachers, and part how-to for parents. It's all about teaching and learning in today's world. Based on many years of experience teaching in private, parochial and public school systems and a variety of grades.

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