Jane Fuller Discography

Night and Day

Life has it's ups and downs, its peaks and valleys. In the end it all balances....

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You're Coming Back Again

I want to get the most out of my life. As I go through life's ups and downs I ask myself, “What can I learn from these experiences?”

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The Spirit of Giving

Is Christmas only about department stores, online shopping and the material gifts we hope to receive?...

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1. It's Because of You

Life is short. Take time to thank people who have helped you. Acknowledge their efforts!

2. Tell Me Your Story

We've all got some really funny stories to tell. That's how we cheer each other up!

3. Someone to Listen

Sometimes you don't need advice. You just need a loving, supportive friend to listen. You don't need to fix the situation. You just need to share about it...

4. Who Taught You

When someone states a platitude, and it seems out of character, do you ever ask him/her, "Where did you get that idea?"

5. Children, Don't Grow Up So Fast

Why are kids in such a hurry to grow up? Childhood is a precious time of wonder. Let's see if we can make that last!

  6. I Need a Break

People are busier than ever! I've become a human doing rather than a human being. I need to step away from work, technology, others and enjoy some down time!

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