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Life has its ups and downs, its peaks and valleys, its light and darkness. When times are down it's important to remember that things will change for the better.

My CD, Night and Day, talks about making the best of every situation; to find beauty in the light and hope through the dark. The featured track, “Wish Upon the Sun,” inspires you to grasp the real, tangible opportunity that is right in front of you. Next time you make a wish, don't waste your time on some faraway star; go for the brightest thing in the sky!

“In the Still of the Night,” offers hope through one of romance's dark times: Although I don't know how the other person feels about me, I have a powerful love that shines in my heart. That love is the single, constant experience that remains steady and strong through life's changes. My original song, “Night and Day,” tells us love remains constant no matter the distance, time, or events such as loss.

Love helps us grow and gets us through the down times. The darkness teaches us to appreciate the light. Life is enriched because of both the peaks and the valleys. After the darkness of every night there's always the light of day.


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However, you can also purchase cds by emailing directly: jane@janefuller.com.

I've just released my 4th CD, SOMEONE TO LISTEN, and am very excited to share it with everyone! I've been selling it at my live shows

What is SOMEONE TO LISTEN about? Basically, it's about teaching and learning life's lessons. I've been a teacher for many years in a variety of settings, mostly working in elementary education. I found that every day, if I'm open, I will learn something new and important or wonderful about myself and the world. The children have inspired me immensely as well as some of my dearest teaachers. We are all teachers and students of life, and can make a positive impact on each other to improve the quality of our lives.

There are 6 tracks on SOMEONE TO LISTEN extraordinarily produced by music legend, Gardner Cole. It was mastered at Capitol Records. It's my best work to date, both artistically and technically.


There is a fun country-western line dance for my song, "I Need a Break," from the new CD, which is posted on my schedule page.


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